Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Then the Axle

With time the sledges started to wear grooves into the rollers and people noticed that the grooved rollers actually worked better, carrying the object further. This was simple physics, if the grooves had a smaller circumference than the unworn parts of the roller, then dragging the sledge in the grooves required less energy to create a turning motion but created a greater distance covered when the larger part of the log roller turned.

The log roller was becoming a wheel, humans cut away the wood between the two inner grooves to create what is called an axle.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

More about the Wheel

Long ago, people realized that heavy objects could be moved easier if something round, for example a fallen tree log, was placed under it and the object rolled over it. They also discovered a way to move heavy objects using an invention archeologists call the sledge. Logs or sticks were placed under an object and used to drag the heavy object, like a sled and a wedge put together.

People thought to use the round logs and a sledge together. They put several logs or rollers in a row, dragging the sledge over one roller to the next.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Evolution of the Wheel

The wheel developed into a functional invention over time. It is used in our cars, trains, planes, machines, wagons, and most factory and farm equipment. We couldn't move much without this great invention. But as key to our lives as the wheel is as an invention, no one knows who made the first wheel.

The oldest wheel found in archeological excavations was discovered in what was Mesopotamia and is believed to be over fifty-five hundred years old.

Over the next few blogs, I will outline some steps and developments that took place to invent a functioning wheel.

I am getting my information from various text books and internet sites that I will refer to.

(Information for this blog was found at Inventors )

Friday, April 20, 2007

Who needs technology?

In our fast paced world many people would like to slow down a bit and reduce stress. Some have even blamed technology as the cause of our fast paced society. I want to devote this blog to technology.

My intent is not to condemn or condone technology. Merely to acknowledge it for what it is...there. Like the climber who was asked why he scaled the mountain, a technology wizard who creates a new computer language or program or other device may give a similar response..."because I can."

People are by nature inquisitive and creative. They want to be the first to go farther, higher, faster, or deeper than anyone before. Technology is the same. Technology is moving farther, higher, faster and deeper than ever before in the earth's history. I merely want to explore that phenomena.